It is far from the time of flandrias or other motorbikes too farting in the village that pushed the Volunteers of the Foyer Rural de Castelnau de Lévis to create a motorbike-cross field under the aegis of Pierre VALAX dynamic volunteer. 

The local mechanic Jacques MELOUS, also international champion of motorcycle cross, was at the origin of the mythical route of the AGS PUECH RAMPANT.

The motorcycle club started its first national event in 1968. 

The volunteers decided to continue the tradition.

  • 500CC French Championship Event


  • Organisation of an international test


  • 125CC Motocross World Championship (a first for us)


  • Televised 500CC Motocross World Championship


  • Supercross International

    1992 & 1993

  • Side car-cross World Championship for the first time


  • European Quad-Cross Championship (the first in history)


The AGS PUECH RAMPANT has 18 world events (125cc, 500cc, sidecars, MX3, women), 19 European events, as well as countless national and league events.

The mythical terrain has seen the greatest riders in motocross history shine.

In the 70s/80s/90s : Joël ROBERT, Bengt ABERG, Gaston RAHIER, Harry EVERTS, Jacky VIMOND, Hakan CARLQVIST, Michele RINALDI, Jean-Michel BAYLE, Pekka VEHKONEN, Georges JOBE, David THORPE, Eric GEBOERS, Neil HUDSON, Kurt NICOLL, Jeff LEASK, Paul MALIN…

More recently : Mickael Pichon, Sébastien Pourcel, Sébastien Tortelli, Alessio Chiodi, David Vuillemin, Yves Demaria, Andrea Bartolini, Alessandro Puzar, Stefan Everts, Grant Langston, Frédéric Bolley and our brilliant female Livia Lancelot… Jérémy TARROUX and Calvin FONVIEILLE, our local…

For side crews: Giraud/Musset, Giraud/Mucenieks, Willemsen/Verbrugge, Sergis/Rasmanis, Weinmann/Weinmann…

Quad: Jérémie WARNIA, Adrian MANGIEU, Kevin SAAR, Edgars MENGELIS

All interested people can join the AGS PUECH RAMPANT at any time and will be received with friendliness!